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Big Bathroom Award Winning Ideas

Big Bathroom Award Winning Ideas

Many of us might think that if you have the space and money to buy a large bathroom, there is nothing to worry about. Though when everything is great you expect it too.

The 2008 HIA Australian Award took place only recently. Bubbles Bathrooms was named both Bathroom Project of the Year and Bathroom Designer of the Year. Both projects are very large bathrooms with lots of things inside. Let’s look at them.

Both bathrooms are done in similar light beige and brown colors, although the materials are completely different. A comfortable morning for two people is possible with two bowls each. A large bathroom is a way to relax in the very large tube in the center while you watch TV or check out the fire in the fireplace. If you don’t have time to relax, there’s a quick way to freshen up.

As you can see, large bathrooms have a lot in common these days. Although bathrooms are different, such bathrooms can be different to suit. Someone needs a more contemporary look, others more Victorian, but luxury and style are what everyone wants to see in a large bathroom.

Large Victorian style bathroom

Large bathroom with large TV

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