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Ultra Minimalist Space Saving Shelving

Ultra Minimalist Space Saving Shelving - DigsDi

The Piegato is a magnetic shelf that was designed by Matthias Ries some time ago. It is made of a laser cut and powder coated sheet steel with perforations to fold the shelves as needed. Two new versions of the shelving system were recently introduced. The first has a blackboard …

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Impressive Two Storied Apartment In Stockholm

Impressive Two-Storied Apartment In Stockholm - DigsDi

Gamla Stan, a neighborhood in the picturesque Old Town of Stockholm, boasts this amazing house from 1600. The building provided a cool base for creating a modern and original design with fashionable tendencies. The interesting feature is the restored old wooden beams that give the room a personality. The apartment …

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Amazing Outdoor Water Walls For Your Backyard

Ornament, Amazing Outdoor Water Walls Look Charming With Glass .

A wall of water is another body of water that is perfect for your garden that has a relaxing sound of falling water. A fountain is more traditional, but a wall of water would give your garden a minimalist and fresh look. But you can also give your water wall …

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Modern Curved Coffee Table With Rotating Drawers

Modern Curved Table | Interior Design Ide

Push, designed by Nenad Kostadinov, is a modern curved coffee table that is not only very stylish but also practical. It has rotating drawers that can be used to store many things like magazines, snacks, and other small things. Basically, the curved table consists of a single piece of “Bendywood” …

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Gorgeous Eco Minimalist Apartment With Bright Accents

Gorgeous Eco Minimalist Apartment With Bright Accents - DigsDi

Fabulous, amazing, beautiful piece of art – these words come to mind when you see this house from Geometrix Design. Eco-minimalist style and a lot of interesting solutions: futuristic living room in black, white and orange with a cool puzzle wall, marble for the wall decoration, a strict black and …

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Cool Fall Flowers Decor Ideas For Your Home

Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Home Archives - DigsDi

Everyone uses leaves, gourds, gourds, corn, and fruit as fall decor, but we’ve forgotten about the more traditional decor – flowers. Autumn flowers are incredibly colorful! Pink, red, burgundy, purple, yellow and many other colors would make any decor happy and fun. You can put them in vases (made from …

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