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Ceiling Mount Storage Cabinet With Pedestal

Design Inspiration Pictures: Ceiling-Mount Storage Cabinet With .

The column is a ceiling cabinet by Sophie Mensen. Columns are usually constructive elements that support something and are decorative rather than functional. Although this closet is really functional. It consists of two parts: a cabinet and a base. The cabinet is made from cedar wood, custom made by Kevin …

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Cozy Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

50+ Cozy Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas | Farmhouse style .

Rustic style is taking over the world! Feeling outside and even inside in a rural setting, in a relaxed atmosphere and with nature is priceless. We’ve already told you about rustic kitchens and now it’s time to fall asleep in rustic chic. Rustic style can be versatile: with a touch …

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76 Stylish Truly Masculine Bathroom Decor Ideas

35 Amazing Masculine Bathroom Ideas | Masculine bathroom decor .

We keep telling you about really masculine decorating ideas, and this time we’re telling you about masculine bathrooms. Male bathrooms are usually dark – black or gray – austere, minimalist, and simple. But a bachelor bath shouldn’t necessarily be like that! Choose your own style – luxuriously traditional, futuristic, vintage …

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Classic Chair In Vibrant Colors

New inspiration: Classic Chair in Vibrant Colors | Upholstered .

The upholstered Louis XV chair by Dransfield and Ross is one of those pieces of furniture that no one will be indifferent to. It has the classic shape, but its upholstery is done in modern, vivid, even acidic colors. Such a chair would be a perfect match for modern monochrome …

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Calm And Airy Rustic Dining Room Designs

47 Calm And Airy Rustic Dining Room Designs - DigsDi

We keep telling you about rustic decor and today these are dining room designs. Rough wood, rough stone, a fireplace, wicker furniture, lots of light and wooden beams on the ceiling form the basis of a rustic dining room. Create the atmosphere now with fantastic carpets, furniture with a natural …

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Modern Calm Looking Interior Design In Neutral Colors

Modern Calm-Looking Interior Design In Neutral Colors - DigsDi

Modern interiors with predominant minimalism in design look so amazing! I think Japanese and Scandinavian designers are leaders in creating such interiors. This is a unique residential complex in Sweden, minimalist, in natural colors and materials. The main color is white, and a touch of gray and black with natural …

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Cool Mothers Day Table Decor Ideas

Pin on accessori

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? Here are some table decoration ideas and designs. A table for this holiday should be spring-like or summery and fresh. Use flowers, vegetables and fruits for decoration. Don’t forget about flowers and butterflies, which are the symbol of the coming summer and other cute …

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13 The Most Cool And Wacky Bedrooms Ever

13 The Most Cool And Wacky Bedrooms Ever | DigsDigs | Pool bedroom .

From childhood we dream of cool bedrooms and sometimes we even get them. Here are 13 of the coolest, craziest bedrooms we could find on the internet. You’ll see everything from gorgeous themed kids’ rooms to great romantic getaways in extravagant resorts. Of course, most of these designs are unreal …

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Minimalist Apartment With Pops Of Colors

Minimalist Apartment With Pops Of Colors - DigsDi

Minimalist spaces are believed to be black and white, simple and with strict lines, but this apartment in Taipei, Taiwan is not. Designers at Ganna Design have decided to make the apartment colorful and full of joy. The partitions were reduced and replaced with flexible boards to be used as …

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