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Industrial And Minimalist Neon Chandeliers

Industrial And Minimalist Neon Chandeliers | ライト インテリア .

Minimalist design sets new standards! Now we don’t have to hide the details anymore because industrial minimalism becomes art itself. These neon chandeliers are designed for the modern day people as neon lights are growing in popularity and there are many ways to use them in design. But the designers …

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Funky Pots For Flowers

Here is an alternative to common photo frames! You can always look at your family and friends and smile at them thanks to the unreal flower pot made by Good in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Not only will you be looking at your family, but you will smile and look …

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Eclectic Modern Loft With Emerald Accents

Eclectic Modern Loft With Emerald Accents - DigsDi

This cool New York loft is the urban residence of a young couple, enriched with bold colors and textures that transform it into a sleek and modern apartment full of strong and vibrant flavors. Modern pieces have been combined with playful accents and ethnic accents to create a space that …

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Eclectic Loft With A Scandinavian Feel In Norway

Eclectic Loft With A Scandinavian Feel In Norway (With images .

This attic loft in Oslo, Norway impresses with its dark wooden beams and stylish design. Here you can see it all: light wood decor, a concrete stove, a marble bathroom, and adorable dark wooden beams that were left untouched. The design of the room is eclectic, with a distinct Scandinavian …

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Adding Glam Touches Sequin Home Decor Ideas

Adding Glam Touches: 31 Sequin Home Decor Ideas - DigsDi

A little bit of glitter never spoils the interior. So why not add some glamor? There are several ways to do this in a stylish way: cover ceilings, walls, lamps, candles and tables. A throw pillow on the bed or formal sofa could easily be dressed in sequins. A sequin …

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Modern Vacation Home With A Neutral Interior

Pin by Gretha Rial on Cabin | Cabin style homes, Modern cabin .

This adorable Blue Hills House is a vacation home in Morin-Heights, Quebec, Canada and was designed by SHED architecture. According to the wishes of the owners and architects, the house has a double relationship with its surroundings; from the outside it is camouflaged in its attitude and as discreet as …

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