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Daring Graffiti Statement Interior Wall Ideas

26 Daring Graffiti Statement Interior Wall Ideas - DigsDi

Graffiti for home decor? Unexpectedly! Modern and industrial design can really welcome such solutions – just a statement wall in your room. The theme and colors of this graffiti can be anything – from the giant panther to pop art. The colors are often very strong and rich in contrast …

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Luxurious Relaxing Calla Bathtub

Luxurious Relaxing Calla Bathtub - DigsDi

Designers are constantly being inspired by nature. Animals, plants, fruits and this time flowers – a calla. The Calla bathtub, designed by the Kiev-based designer Jurii Cegla for the Italian sanitary ware manufacturer TEUCO, is an ordinary bathtub with no special options, but one that is not needed. It just …

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Simple And Modern Baloon Lamps

Simple And Modern Baloon Lamps - DigsDi

I think these lamps are for dreamers and for those who are still happy like children. Estiluz lamps are made in the shape of balloons. They look so simple and unusual at the same time that I don’t understand why no one has discovered and used this shape before. You …

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Colorful Modern Plexiglass Chairs

Colorful Modern Plexiglass Chairs - DigsDi

Cool modern furniture is exactly what a modern interior lacks. The Aka chair by Jean Marie Massaud is made of plexiglass with legs made of solid bleached oak. The collection is available in a four-legged armchair, a star-leg chair, a star-leg chair and a version with a high and short …

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Eclectic Loft In A Crazy Mix Of Styles And Colors

Eclectic Loft In A Crazy Mix Of Styles And Colors - DigsDi

This amazing eclectic loft apartment is just stunning! Here you can see it all: rustic vintage ceilings, industrial walls and lighting, rustic carpets and accessories, even patio furniture! The designers mixed things up that we never expected to see together and the space still looks very harmonious. I like how …

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