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Original Lamps With Feminine Touch

Original Lamps With Feminine Touch - DigsDi

If you are a girl and you want to buy an original man’s lamp and give a gift to your wife or girlfriend, then this is the place for you. Original and very feminine lamps for your bedroom are called Capri and Voici by Italamp. These lamps were inspired by …

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Impressive Chalet Bathroom Decor Ideas

impressive-chalet-bathroom-decor-ideas-5-554x671 - Home .

Chalets are wonderful! Due to the special style, these pretty mountain houses help us to fully enjoy nature and vacation. Today we’re going to look at how to decorate a chalet bathroom. Such rooms are often made of wood or stone. You can mix these materials or choose just one. …

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Unique Cave House With Harmonious And Airy Interiors

Unique Cave House With Harmonious And Airy Interiors - DigsDi

The cave house below welcomes residents to a sanctuary of serenity – not a real cave, but a cool imitation. Curved walls, transparent partitions between rooms, and neutral tones worked together to create a natural, meditating ambience. The interiors are modern, dynamic, but simple and uncomplicated, and convey a sense …

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Rock The Colors Neon Home Decor Ideas

Rock The Colors: 32 Neon Home Décor Ideas | Colores de cuartos .

Summer is a time of bright colors. Add something to your interior! Neon colors are very modern, cool and bring freshness to any room. In winter, when you miss bright shades, they will improve your mood. Use neon carefully and tastefully in your interior. Don’t be excessive. A neutral room …

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Modern And Stylish Lego Like Radiators

Modern And Stylish Lego-Like Radiators - DigsDi

There are plenty of designer radiators out there to replace all those ugly cast iron household radiators. Brick by Scirooco is a collection of such radiators that were inspired by famous Lego bricks. All radiators from this collection can not only heat your space, but also become colorful decorations on …

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