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How To Design Square Meter Apartment Comfy

How To Design Square Meter Apartment Comfy

This apartment only has 40 square meters of living space, but is still very comfortable and cozy. Before the renovation, it was an open space with a multipurpose room. The room was not well laid out, but the owners and a designer managed to change that. Now we can learn from their work.

The best way of zoning is color. It’s really cool when a color can be found in different parts of the room, but in different proportions. In this apartment, the brightest part is the dining area. The walls are colored purple. As you can see carpet in a kitchen, some upholstery and some small details in a bedroom and bathroom share that color. The kitchen is separated from the dining room by a sliding partition that does not take up any space, but allows excellent zoning. The similar partition separates the bedroom from the living room. Cabinets in the living room have large glazing and look almost weightless. This makes the whole structure look like a simple shelf, but there is no dust on books and on the other side.

Put all of these ideas into practice if you have a small living space and it looks a lot better. It also becomes cozier and more convenient. What else do you need?

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