How to playful design for your home

How to playful design for your home

The perfect way to breathe new life into an interior and make it more interesting and playful is to introduce bright colors of walls, wallpaper, furniture, fixtures and accessories. Even the dullest room is brought to life with vibrant colors, but to have a playful interior you need to make it stand out too.

Liveliness, playfulness and style should be there in equal parts, so check out the tips below that will show you how to make your spaces shine!

Choose your color palette
The latest trends in vibrant interior colors include pink, teal and golden yellow combined with soft white that will work in almost any room in the home. For example, many people shy away from vibrant colors in their dining rooms, but this combination works great there – go with a vibrantly patterned wallpaper on one wall, neutral tones on others and the addition of red or green mismatched chairs and a few playful accessories you have a unique and inviting dining room.

Textures and patterns add depth to the room, the multicolored details contrast beautifully with a darker dining table, and patterned wallpaper shows off your personality and style.

Make it modern and comfortable
Modern living does not have to do without comfort. On the contrary, a playful and stylish living room can have many contemporary pieces, such as B. a colorful sofa in combination with a modern coffee table. And when you add a few soft plush pillows, you have a warm and welcoming environment. As this bachelor’s degree in interior design teaches us, the power of design lies in the ability to bring different things together and make them both appealing and functional.

An element of playfulness can be introduced into the room with small accessories such as: B. quirky vintage clocks, lampshades, vases, picture frames and ornaments. Just a few details added to the existing soft color scheme has the power to elevate the design and add fun and spark to an interior.

Lively and fun living room
Using bright and vibrant details in the living room can also add a playful element and make your space more interesting. A pair of light chairs contrasted with darker furniture and a colorful rug with neutral wall color is a great way to mix different elements. When trying to choose the right one, look for rugs online as there is a much wider range of colours, sizes, shapes, materials and patterns making it easier to find the rug that suits your playful design. When you put all the pieces together, you have a cohesive unit that will bring joy to your space.

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