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Revo Minimalist White Desk by Manebra

Revo Minimalist White Desk by Manebra

Menebra SpA is an Italian company that produces modern office furniture. Although no one can forbid you to use some of their furniture in your home. You can use it in your workplace especially if you like minimalist design.

Revo is a collection with great formal impact, in which the richness of the tops, the importance of the cabinets and the high value of the surfaces underline the “executive” nature of the product. This draws attention to the aesthetic and technical quality of the products. Metal parts made of thick steel are reminiscent of classic elements made of handcrafted wrought iron. The shape of the legs and beams simulates the mesh frame typical of modern architecture and synthesizes the lightness of the current design. The Revo collection consists of desks, work extensions and sub-extensions for countertops, containers and tables for meetings, all of which have been studied to create efficient, functional and comfortable workspaces. There is more Manebra furniture on their website.

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