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Cute Self Watering Pots

Cute Self Watering Pots

Take care of your plants with Log and Squirrel from Qualy Design. It is a self-watering pot with the design of a squirrel in a tree trunk. The squirrel and the flower pot are closely linked in the log and the squirrel because the small rodent appears as the water level. When the water level rises in the log and squirrel, the squirrel appears out of its den. There is a water reservoir inside so you can water the flower every few days. The squirrel will remind you when the plant needs some water. The self-watering flower pot Log and Squirrel by Qualy is also available in different color combinations on request. With regard to an external brown, white or black, combinations with green, yellow or pink are possible. Such a pot is a fun decoration for your child’s room, kitchen or even your office, so as not to be too serious.

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