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Cool Industrial Kitchen Designs That Inspire

Cool Industrial Kitchen Designs That Inspire

I bet everyone knows what industrial style is. It’s an aesthetically pleasing, but not the most popular trend in kitchen design. It takes clues from old industrial spaces that are being converted into living spaces. This simplifies and complicates the design of a kitchen.

The cool thing about getting things like brick walls, concrete floors, weathered wood, ventilation pipes, and aging metal exposed. If you don’t have these things in your interior, counterfeiting them properly can be a complicated task. Although there are many tutorials out there these days that show how you can do that.

Here are a few more things to recommend for your industrial kitchen:

  • Retro-looking devices. SMEG’s refrigerators are a good example of such devices.
  • Industrial lights. There are many great options that you can buy these days. IKEA also has some good pieces.
  • Industrial kitchen island. There are many ways to design such an island. You can even upgrade the one you already have. The most popular is to cover the sides with rustic wooden planks. Though you won’t be disappointed if you go with the specific.
  • Industrial kitchen faucet. There aren’t many models to buy these days. Though Kohler has some nice modern faucets that will fit nicely in your kitchen. They are also very flexible and practical.
  • Use bare metal pipes. There are many things you can do with it. You can use them as a support for shelves, as a railing, as part of lights, etc. Many decor and storage problems could be solved with it.
  • Use commercially available devices. Large extractor hoods and ovens fit very well in industrial kitchens.

Other industrial kitchen furniture

Aside from an island, you should definitely consider a rustic table and several vintage chairs. They could become a great focus too. Different stationary and mobile carts also work well and can serve multiple purposes at the same time. As for the cabinets, with the right environment you could have very modern sleek, shiny cabinets and your kitchen would look great. Although stainless steel cabinets are also an option to consider.

By the way, don’t forget to add a couple of rustic floating shelves. They give every kitchen a cozy touch.

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