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Donna Karans Manhattan Apartment

Donna Karans Manhattan Apartment

Everyone knows who Donna Karan is. It is a woman who in less than a decade has built her huge fashion empire on an extraordinarily simple idea: if she needs a certain item of clothing – a body, a wrap skirt, a chiffon blouse, a longer jacket – every other woman needs it, too . Donna Karan’s Manhattan apartment is decorated in a Zen style. “New York City inspires and powers everything I do,” says Donna Karan. The space is minimal in structural and decorative elements, with just enough layered textiles and organic elements to create an inviting space for private or more public and social gatherings. The black and white color palette offers a modern and elegant backdrop for the personally captured moments, which are selected and learned in grouped frames. I like the simple colors and furniture; It feels like we’re in the east. As a resting place for collected artifacts, seat mats or even as a step into the next room – it creates a modern line look and functions as a multifunctional design form.

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