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Glossy White Kitchen Design Trend

Glossy White Kitchen Design Trend

When the Japanese innovate in dark kitchen designs, Aussies are going in a different direction. The HIA Australian Award 2008 not only showed major trends in bathroom design, but also trends in kitchen design. The trend is towards white kitchen cabinets and furniture. Mostly shiny white. Although it is not that new, it has mostly been used in modern house designs and mostly combined with black paint. But Australian designers started using it with neutral walls and hardwood floors. Due to the flooring, such kitchens lose their contemporary character, but gain in naturalism. Suction kitchens were named kitchen project of the year as well as kitchen planner of the year.

Since I like more contemporary design style, I prefer a cold combination with white color. Although such a kitchen design trend could be useful for people who want their kitchen to be as naturalistic as it is contemporary.

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