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10 Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper

10 Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper has traditionally been a great way to decorate your walls or create an accent wall. But how about wallpaper any other way?

  1. Update a dresser. Use wallpaper to line the front of the drawers, or for a more subtle look, line the sides so you won’t see the wallpaper until you pull out the drawers.
  2. Decorate a simple serving tray.
  3. Make a small tape of wallpaper in place of the entire wall. This seems a lot less overwhelming, and you don’t have to try to perfectly align each strip.
  4. Wallpaper the closet door.
  5. Lining the back of a stable. It’s a great way to update a piece of furniture without having to repaint the whole thing.
  6. Use a mixture of wallpaper patterns. Similar to the patchwork cabinet doors in number four, this wall is a mix of different patterns – but in the form of stripes!
  7. Create a background image for the background image.
  8. Put it on the ceiling. This can actually make a room appear larger as it draws your eye upwards. And it’s perfect for a kindergarten where a child spends a lot of time lying down and looking at the ceiling.
  9. Make a wallpaper table runner.
  10. Stairs.

Check out the examples below and get smart!

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