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Stylish Wooden Dining Tables

Stylish Wooden Dining Tables

This is what your dining room has been waiting for! A collection of dining tables by designers Henk and Roderick Vos for Linteloo. The table called Bagutta is made from a unique mix of expensive woods – padoek, coromandel, kyat, teak and mahogany veneer. The legs of such an interesting shape are made of solid mahogany. The Sicilian dining table is oversized (up to 380 cm) and can accommodate a large family or a dinner with friends. The table looks very traditional, but then you look down and see the legs! Absolutely innovative steel legs! It’s an interesting solution. The Isola dining table deviates from convention with its organic, irregularly shaped top, which is inspired by the rings of an oak. “Isola” means “island” in Italian and it really reminds me of one of the Italian islands. Which one would you choose for your dining room or kitchen?

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