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5 Smart Contemporary Electrical Outlets

5 Smart Contemporary Electrical Outlets

Every house these days is full of outlets. It’s also full of power cords that most of us wish we could somehow hide. These and a few other problems outlet manufacturers are trying to solve in modern outlets.

Wall studs

What use is an electrical plug if you are not connected? Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate increase its function. Look at her

Hang On Outlet

It’s a simple socket with a little extra lip that you can use to hold your lost plugs in place and keep your power management clean and tidy. Designer – Paulo Oh.

360 socket

360 Electrical is a power strip that has the two outlets rotating 360 degrees to handle bulky plugs. Manufacturer.

Hidden socket

The Hidden Wall Safe comes in handy as most burglars spend less than six minutes in a victim’s home with only time to check the most obvious places for valuables. With these unique wall safes, you can hide valuables in one of the many identical-looking electrical outlets that you already have in your house. This is the last place anyone is likely to look. assignment

Rotary sockets

These outlets can be rotated 90 degrees. assignment



Also check out the antler and minimalist sockets


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