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Old Meets New In Stockholm Apartment Design

Old Meets New In Stockholm Apartment Design - DigsDi

This apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm is a unique place where old meets new! Minimalism can be combined very well with vintage and shabby chic and looks harmonious. The kitchen is the first room to impress with industrial lamps, vintage tiles, a shabby-chic wooden table, and cool shades of green. The …

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Smart And Creative Design Of A Square Meters Apartment

Smart And Creative Design Of A 29 Square Meters Apartment - DigsDi

Tiny apartment decor is always interesting as storage solutions and other ideas include everything the owners need. This 29 square meter apartment in Wroclaw, Poland looks very small but cozy. The ceilings are quite high and the architect took advantage of that by building a loft. The bathroom and hallway …

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Old Cafe Converted Into A Cheerful Bright House

Old Cafe Converted Into A Cheerful Bright House - DigsDi

The conversion of industrial spaces into living spaces is becoming a trend. This eclectic, colorful Toronto home was a coffee shop a century ago, and now – take a look! The walls are white and the floors are covered with dark tiles and in some rooms with light wood. Colorful …

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Crystal Like Outdoor Modular Furniture And Flowerpots

Crystal-Like Outdoor Modular Furniture and Flowerpots - DigsDi

FAZ is a new collection of modular outdoor furniture and flower pots from the well-known Spanish manufacturer Vondom. All products in the collection were designed by Ramón Esteve and are shaped like mineral crystals. Thanks to this, they look very modern and stylish. The modularity of the FAZ makes it …

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Paraflex Wall Mounted Patio Umbrella

Paraflex Double Wall Mounted Umbrellas - PFX-Double-Wall-Mount

If you want to enjoy a shiny day outdoors, it should be protected from direct sunlight with shade. A Paraflex screen system is a perfect solution that gives you unparalleled flexibility in creating shadows. It fits in any outdoor space including a patio, large or small deck, and even small …

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Stylish Curved Minimalist Desk

Stylish Curved Minimalist Desk - DigsDi

The Continue Desk, designed by the Ontario College of Art & Design student Francesco Angiulli, was recently exhibited during the 2011 Interior Design Show in Toronto. It just proved our thoughts that curved minimalist furniture is one of the rising trends of this year. The desk is living proof that …

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Modern Spanish House Decorated For Christmas

Modern Spanish House Decorated For Christmas | DigsDigs .

This fantastic house in Spain is already decorated for Christmas. Light gray walls and furniture, rich brown floors make the house light, they create an airy atmosphere. The furniture is a mix of modern and mid-century styles, it brings cosiness. The amazing Christmas tree, wreaths and other bright decorations make …

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Cool Interiors With Exposed Brick Walls

69 Cool Interiors With Exposed Brick Walls - DigsDi

Lots of people like the look of exposed brick walls. They became popular in the late 20th century because many people found it was far cheaper to expose the brick in older homes than to repair or replace the damaged plaster. They give every interior character and rustic charm and …

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Rustic Coastal House Of Stone Gray Color

Rustic Coastal House Of Stone Gray Color - DigsDi

I’ve never seen a mix of such incompatible styles – rustic and offshore, but what a perfect combination! This is a renovated 19th century cottage in Mousehole, Cornwall, England. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the ground floor, a living room and kitchen on the first floor, …

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