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Creative Ways To Store Firewood

Creative Ways To Store Firewood

The weather is getting colder and colder and to get warm and cozy we gather around the chimneys. But the design and style of your home shouldn’t be spoiled with the excessive wood. How can you store it in style?
1. The architectural area and the furniture in the room. Look for alcoves or alcoves above or to the sides of the fireplace. Put the firewood on the shelves, in the bookcase or in any piece of furniture – this would make your fireplace the focal point of the room and the storage will be very original.
2. A special cabinet for the firewood. If you need a lot of wood and there really is no room to store it near the fireplace, make a separate place to keep the wood. It can even be without doors to make the firewood another accessory.
3. Harmonize the style of your firewood store with your fireplace. If you have an open fireplace in your home, keep your storage area close or attached. For freestanding fireplaces, visit websites and local artisans for ideas about the storage area.
4. Garden furniture or areas. A great functional and amazing idea that helped keep the firewood dry and neat is to store it under a bench. Also, adjust it so that it is in a convenient location, e.g. B. near the veranda, the terrace or even the garage part.
5. Buy or make special wooden stands. Wooden stands can be very stylish and elegant, so you don’t have to hide anything – on the contrary! Make your firewood an accent, it will give your room warmth and cosiness.
6. Baskets for firewood. Baskets make every room more cozy and a little more rustic. So why not buy a huge one to store the wood? It’s very convenient to use and looks great.
7. Special wooden furniture. Nowadays, many designers are eager to help you organize the wood storage and create some great pieces that will make it a stylish and exciting accessory – not just wood.

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