Extremely Modern Apartment Interior In Dark Hues

Extremely Modern Apartment Interior In Dark Hues

This 94 square meter apartment belongs to a couple with two children who live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open area for dining, cooking and spending time together. Everything is done in dark tones, but with lots of built-in lights. It’s dark and moody, but still quite comfortable to live in. Only the master bedroom is decorated in calm brown and white tones.

The apartment has a lot of interesting decoration solutions. For example, niches with pearl coating in the bedroom change color depending on the lighting. The graphite ceiling in the living room is so shiny that it reflects laminate floors and other things in the room. The bathroom has custom-made roller curtains with prints by a Japanese artist.

If you are interested in dark interiors, you can definitely find inspiration in this apartment.

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