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Small Square Meter Apartment

Small Square Meter Apartment

This apartment is a perfect example of how well you can style and decorate a small living space. It’s cozy, bright and cheerful. There aren’t many walls, because that’s the only way to make the small room more spacious. Everything is painted white because this is another way to visually enlarge the space. Some gray and lime accents make the interior more livable and interesting. The apartment doesn’t have a lot of furniture. Although all the furniture that can be found there is very functional and light. The kitchen has several drawers, all the necessary appliances, the bar area and three hanging lamps that separate the room. The bedroom is separated from the kitchen by a large vinyl plant screen. This allows light to penetrate without losing privacy. The bedroom has a large wardrobe, a double bed and several shelves. The bathroom is also a very well thought-out space with a glass shower, glass shelves and a washing machine in a very small space.

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