Iconic Speech And Thinking Bubble Shapes In Interior Design

Iconic Speech And Thinking Bubble Shapes In Interior Design

Speaking and thinking are usually irreplaceable parts of all of our days. Various designers around the world know this and create interesting furniture and other decor solutions. There are tables, bookshelves, mirrors, and other indoor objects inspired by iconic speech and thought bubble shapes that we all know from comics. Here are some interesting ones:

Conversation table

This coffee table is made of corrugated cardboard, natural hardboard, and wooden spacers. It is reminiscent of a classic speech bubble and is strong enough to even bear the weight of the admirer. {Leo Kempf}

Comic bookshelf

The comic bookshelf was designed by Oscar Nunez from Fusca Design. It is inspired by the design of a comic book speech bubble and comes in different sizes. {Fusca Design}

Thinking bubble mirror

Thinking Bubble Mirror was designed by Oscar Diaz for Domestic. Apart from the properties associated with its reflective functions, the main aspect of the mirror in general lies in the quality, design and finish of its frame. The shape of the mirror takes the comic book speech bubbles for reference and acknowledges the fact that we think in front of mirrors. {Oscar Diaz}


Speakers are high quality multimedia speakers that plug directly into your computer or MP3 player. They are reminiscent of an iconic shape of a speech bubble. { Speaker }

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