Lovely Pompom Decor Ideas For Your Interior

Lovely Pompom Decor Ideas For Your Interior

Pom-poms are really cute and add color and coziness. Despite what many of us think, they’re not just great for children’s interiors. You can use them in your interior in many different ways. There are some designers out there making such cute things and thousands of different DIY projects to make a pompom decoration yourself.

  1. Pompom furniture. These pompom covered pieces make the room moody and pretty. They are great for cold seasons as they add warmth and color. And of course your children would be happy!

  2. Pompom decorations. Pompon garlands, window decorations, curtains, wreaths and carpets are easy to make in any color you love.
  3. Centerpieces and table decorations. You can easily add some pompoms to them by pinning pom poms to a dry tree or decorating the placemat.
  4. Nursery decoration. Nevertheless – garlands, curtains, photo frames and cell phones for the little ones – great and cozy idea!
  5. Pillows and blankets. Decorate the edges with colorful pompoms (or just contrasting ones) and have fun and warmth!

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