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Modern Octopus Low Table

Modern Octopus Low Table

StyleFactory is an interesting website where design objects can be chosen by people like us. When a product gets a lot of votes, the company makes it. Octopus Table by Jesse Shaw is one of the designs that is currently being voted for. It is inspired by the organic movement of its nautical name. Because octopi have no vertebrae, their limbs are extremely flexible. The invertebrate-inspired table base can be flipped over so you can choose between two different looks. Tentacles up or down. Scientists believe that an octopus has 6 arms and 2 legs. This low table also has 6 arms in a stoic pause. The table can easily become a conversation piece that everyone will notice, like an octopus chair or an octopus chandelier.

ps There’s one more cool thing that people are currently voting for at StyleFactory. This modern wooden magazine wall shelf is a great solution to display your favorite books and magazines.

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