Now No12 New Stylish Furniture by Hulsta

Now No12 New Stylish Furniture by Hulsta

Now! no.12 is a new collection of stylish and beautiful furniture from the large German company Hülsta. It combines obvious contrasts: new naturalness meets cool, high-gloss surfaces, traditional oak meets brilliant white. It uses push-to-open technology everywhere – there are no buttons and no handles. Nothing distracts you from the simple and minimalist look of the surfaces. Natural oak offers warmth and comfort when high-gloss fronts give it a cool touch.

There are four styles for different living concepts, which are connected by clear and simple lines. The furniture is made for different spaces: living room, bedroom, dining room and study. With furniture from this collection everyone can achieve a very individual, modern and simple style around their home. Further information on individual pieces of furniture from the collection can be found on the Hülsta website.

Furniture for bedrooms

Furniture for dining room

Furniture for the study

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