Futuristic Ikea Kitchen From 2040

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Can you imagine what kitchens would look like in 2040? IKEA visualized its vision for a kitchen of the future. The “SKARP” concept was developed after 2,000 people were asked what kitchens would look like in 2040. The following picture shows what high-tech kitchens would look like and what special ...

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Stylish Canned Bench

Stylish Canned Bench - DigsDi

Who could believe a designer could be inspired by a simple can? This stylish and functional bench and table looks great. It’s a creature by Judson Beaumont for Straight Line Designs and is called the Canned Bench. It’s available in eastern maple, maple veneer, birch plywood, laminate, and vinyl. The ...

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Kitchen Remodels by La Dimora Design

Kitchen Remodels by La Dimora Design - DigsDi

Complete kitchen remodeling is a project that many people want to undertake in their homes, but not many have the will to do it. First of all, it’s quite a difficult task because you have to throw out old things but keep some habitual kitchen habits. So the new kitchen ...

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Stylish Mobile Kitchen For Outdoors

Stylish Mobile Kitchens for Outdoors | Portable kitchen island .

MK is for mobile / modular kitchen furniture. This is an absolutely innovative kitchen system that covers the most diverse needs of today’s culinary culture. Especially when you want to have dinner, barbecue or picnic outside. You can easily disassemble the furniture and take it where you want. Then you ...

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Trend Shake Indigo Home Decor Ideas

Trend Shake: 40 Indigo Home Décor Ideas - DigsDi

Indigo is hot! This is a fantastic color that easily mixes with many others and goes with almost any style – from minimalist to glamorous. There are many ways to incorporate this color into your interior. Let’s look at some of them. Indigo walls, textiles and carpets, tiles and accents ...

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