Crazy Colorful House Design In New York

Amazing Colorful House Design In New York - House Affa

Architects Stamberg Aferiat + Associates built this Shelter Island house in New York in pops of color. The interior is reminiscent of plasticine figures that children usually make, as it is a very original architectural project with amazingly colorful interiors. The main room is very cheerful – a pink wall, ...

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Amazing Wire Stands Decorate Dont Hide

Amazing Wire Stands - Decorate, Don't Hide! - DigsDi

There are hundreds of miles of power lines running across the California desert landscape. A miniaturized version made of bent, chrome-plated wire works well on the desk. It’s a great idea from Ballou Projects if you don’t know what to do with all the wires stacked on your table while ...

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Modern Outdoor Dinner Set From Roshults

Modern Outdoor Dinner Set from Röshults - DigsDi

Modern garden furniture from Röshults’ new 2010 catalog can decorate any terrace or garden space. This furniture is made in an excellent and timeless Scandinavian style. With the Garden Dinner Table, the Garden Bench, the Garden Sideboard and the Garden Trolley you can organize a fantastic dinner zone. All of ...

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