Cool Kids Room With New Designs by Cia International

Cool Kids Room With New Designs by Cia International

Probably all children like heroes of the Warner Bros cartoon like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so on. Not only do you see them on TV, they also play computer games with them and will be delighted when the children’s room is designed according to their favorite character. Cia International, a major manufacturer of children’s room furniture, has signed a license agreement with Warner Bros. Thanks to this agreement, you can create the coolest room for your child. Now you can find a wardrobe with a picture of the superman or a bed with the greatest episodes of Batman Adventure among its products. With such furniture, you could create a really unique themed children’s room with all the necessary elements for comfortable study and relaxation. These images could also be adapted to other Cia International collections. You can find the most creative of them here:

  • Rallye collection – children’s room decoration by Cia International
  • Yume – children’s room collection by Cia International
  • Display – customizable wardrobe for children’s rooms

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