An Unsual Side Table In The Antique Style

Attributed to MAISON KRIEGER (founded 1826) An Unusual .

Are you looking for a stylish and unusual side table for your hall? This one is definitely for you. This is an antique piece of furniture with several modern details. This design was first made from black cherry wood in 1820 and is now restored using contemporary materials. The side …

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Eclectic Dwell Loft In Chocolate Beige And Grey

Eclectic Dwell Loft In Chocolate, Beige And Grey - DigsDi

This versatile loft residence designed by the Slesinski Design Group is located in Hollywood, California, USA. Every inch here is designed with perfect taste and elegance, the color scheme is very beautiful: beige, brown, gray and cream. Here you can see a cool mix of different styles: concrete walls and …

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Vintage Styled Drawers Inspired by Old Suitcases

Vintage-Styled Drawers Inspired By Old Suitcases | Leather handle .

Fabio Vinella presents Travel Drawers – it’s a cool idea to make a sideboard out of old-fashioned suitcases. Something like that brings back memories, it’s functional and useful. These drawers are of different sizes and are arranged one above the other. The Travel Drawers are available in two colors: tobacco …

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Charming Old Fashioned House In France

Charming Old-Fashioned House In France - DigsDi

This charming house, which used to be a pottery workshop, is located in France and belongs to the American-Russian artist Yury Cooper. He was delighted with the beauty of this old romantic place. He decided to restore it and change it a little. Unique old stones have been found to …

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Ergonomic Coffee Table With Four Separate Parts

Ergonomic Coffee Table With Four Separate Parts | DigsDigs .

If everything is always the same, we get bored. We always need some change; We can change the position of the furniture and accessories to avoid renovation. The furniture that can change is the best choice. This table is what you need. Xcentic coffee tables b Goci consists of four …

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House Made Of Eclectic Materials With Arched Metal Roof

House Plans and Design: Modern House Plans Curved Ro

This modern 3,000 square foot suburban residence is located near Seattle. Openness, close connection to nature and fun determine the design of the house. It unites a versatile yet sophisticated mix of materials in playful and light-flooded rooms. In addition, the materials are also those that architects use in contemporary …

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Cheerful And Colorful Apartment For The Newlyweds

Cheerful And Colorful Apartment For The Newlyweds - DigsDi

This cheerful and rainbow-like apartment in Moscow was designed by Korneev Design Workshop and designed according to the needs of the owners who are a couple of newlyweds. The interior is dynamic and colorful and consists of two parts: a private and a public. The private zone comprises a bedroom, …

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