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Chic Glam Halloween Decor Ideas

8 Easy and Chic Ways to Dress Up Your Pumpkins for Halloween .

Let’s get glamorous! This item is dedicated to the glamorous Halloween decor – so chic and beautiful! All of the DIY blogs are full of pumpkin decoration ideas, and all you need to do is figure out the cute ones: glitter, rhinestones, sequins, and pearl pumpkins. Silver spider webs, bows, …

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Minimalist Raw Sycamore Chest Of Drawers

Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm FK 150 Sideboa

Minimalist furniture is very cool and fashionable as if there weren’t many details. One piece can easily go with anything and doesn’t attract too much attention. It will help you create a calm atmosphere. This raw sycamore chest of drawers by Peter Kindt is one of those pieces. The body …

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Romantic White Lamp With Butterflies

Romantic White Lamp With Butterflies - DigsDi

Girls continue to inspire designers. We have already told you about some pieces of furniture inspired by women’s clothes. A lamp in the shape of a hat or a table in the shape of a shoe looks very cute and delicate, but I have never seen a lamp that would …

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New Float Sofa Collection by Karim Rashid

Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal | Deze

Design star Karim Rashid always manages to create something new that immediately becomes popular. We have already told you about his works – the Alpes kitchen collection, the minimalist Matryoshka furniture collection and many others. Now he is presenting a new sofa collection for the Spanish furniture company Sancal. It …

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Natural Thanksgiving Table Settings

34 Natural Thanksgiving Table Settings - DigsDi

Nature is the best decoration for any occasion, especially when it’s Thanksgiving – the holiday that is very closely related to nature. So today we have summarized some beautiful and very natural table settings for this day. Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs are the first thing you need on the …

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