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Mccallisters House Dream Of The Childhood

Mccallisters House Dream Of The Childhood

“Home Alone” is loved by children and their parents. But aside from stupid “wet bandits” and a resourceful, tow-haired boy, there’s one more thing that can grab your attention in this movie … A nice, cozy, warm, big, and beautifully decorated home of a happy American family who flown away to Paris without her youngest son. Does anyone think it’s old fashioned? Nonsense! Why should we declare this really beautiful interior for a family home because of the year it was designed? Come back to the 90sth, return to your childhood dreams!

This is the facade of McCallister’s house. You can see these brick walls are not lined, but it doesn’t make it worse. The house has two floors and the attic. The color combination includes three colors: purple, umber and white. The entrance is adorned by the arch.

Here is the hall that we see at the very beginning of the film. Cute flourished wallpaper and a large window with a rounded frame make this place bright and heartwarming.

Even so, we can see on the second floor. Now a cold color is added to the warm palette – turquoise. It gives the interior a cool breeze. Also check out brown railings and floors – wood is a timeless classic for interiors. Of course, if used in moderation.

McCallister’s kitchen is very spacious with the large breakfast bar in the middle. The over is built in. The table top is covered with black tiles. The bar stools are needed when the whole large family gathers here.

The bathroom is pretty interesting. Can you see the towel racks here? The ceiling of the Vanny table looks like real marble. Dark green in the main color here and it’s a good decision! The shape of the faucet is also unusual.

The attic Kevin was sent to for his bad behavior doesn’t look as scared as he said it would. It’s not well set up, you can even see the thick heating pipe uncovered. But … sleep higher under the roof that everyone in the house is an adventure! Every child can create their own world here like in the house on the tree in summer. Adventure and Creation! What can be better for children?

The parents’ bedroom is not very bright. You may be interested in the spacious canopy bed. The wallpapers are flowery again, but … it looks cozy. This room is great for loving middle-aged spouses.

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