Cool Modern Bedding Sets by Vadim Cherniy

Cool Modern Bedding Sets by Vadim Cherniy - DigsDi

If you don’t like dull, monochrome bed linen and want something interesting and creative to decorate your bed, then you might like a cool bed linen collection from Vadim Cherniy. He is a Russian designer who is characterized by unusual and at the same time very attractive work. His bedding …

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Art Deco Chandelier With An Umbrella

Art Deco Chandelier With An Umbrella - DigsDi

Do you like art deco style things? I do. This chandelier was presented by Philippe Starck for the Baccarat Collection. This beauty is called Marie Coquine. The chandelier combines an umbrella and several typical lamps with classic crystal. This combination is unreal! The chandelier is made of crystal, plastic and …

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Minimalist House With A Double Height Deck In Australia

Minimalist House With a Double Height Deck In Australia - DigsDi

Australia has a very beautiful nature with fantastic eucalyptus trees. The only thing that architects need when building a house is to highlight nature and make the house look harmonious. The Marcus Beach House was designed by the Australian studio Bark Design Architects and is located in Queensland, Australia. The …

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Comfortable Chair That Also Can Be Used As A Sofa Tuoze Recliner Chair Ergonomic Adjustable Single .

The Mussel Chair was designed by the Danish designer Hanne Kortegaard for her graduation project at the Danish Design School. The chair is a fantastic piece of furniture for people with children or for those who enjoy furniture for different purposes. It looks very modern but at the same time …

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Eco Friendly Wooden Solar House

Eco-Friendly Wooden Solar House - DigsDi

IAAC’s Fab Lab House is a breakthrough in solar system integration. It has an organic shape, some high-tech features, and very affordable construction costs. The house is mainly made of wood, plywood and other materials that are available worldwide, light and manageable. Not only does it have a rounded shape …

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Chic Industrial Paris Loft From An Old Factory

Chic Industrial Paris Loft From An Old Factory - DigsDi

Designer Virginie Denny’s and her husband, artist Alfonso Vallès’ beautiful industrial-style Parisian loft started as a factory – and that aesthetic has been maintained with the polished concrete floors, metal stairs and railings, collection of industrial furniture and items. and the restrained palette. The space was divided into two parts …

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Surrealistic Furniture Made Of The Old One

Surrealistic Furniture Made Of The Old One - DigsDi

We all have old furniture at home, some things that have been in our homes since the times of our grandmothers and grandfathers. Brand scraps designers took old furniture that was thrown away and did a miracle! They used patchwork style and bright colors to create these pieces of furniture. …

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