West Elm Holiday Decorating

West Elm Holiday Decorating 2010 - DigsDi

From October 5th you will find a new Christmas decoration collection designed by David Stark in the West Elm stores. The collection consists of many stylish and sustainable items that can be used with your old Christmas decoration items. Among the new items, you will find various ornaments, various wreaths, ...

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Shabby Chic Garden Room Design

Shabby Chic Garden Room Design - DigsDi

We love shabby chic! This garden room is exactly that style and it’s so charming! A garden room is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature and garden atmosphere all year round. The first thing that was done was things with their own story – old-fashioned accessories. Garden furniture ...

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Heart Inspired Ceramic Wall Lamp

Heart Inspired Ceramic Wall Lamp - DigsDi

Cuore Sacro (Sacred Heart) is a white ceramic wall lamp designed by Tania da Cruz. Its appearance is reminiscent of our heart muscle and the lamp is really inspired by the representation of the heart in Christian iconography. In my opinion, the lamp fits easily into any modern interior. It ...

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